Elevator cabin manufacturing

Elevator cabin, which is one of the products we produce as 100% domestic production, is completely prepared in our own factory and reaches up to you.


Aytam's Success

Aytam Grup Asansör was established by taking 30 years of experience in the sector to a new stage with our facility established on a covered area of 1650…


2019 Elevator Fair

International Elevator Istanbul Fair, which brought the world elevator industry in Istanbul for the first time since 1992, hosted its visitors on March

New generation elevator cabin models

The demands and expectations of the developing elevator market and the conscious elevator users are increasing day by day. Therefore, we increase the quality and practical use of our products, improve our designs and keep the standards of our services at a higher level. With the assurance of Aytam Asansör, we offer you high level elevator segments and we provide guaranteed delivery services to your address with our growing capacity day by day. Thank you for choosing us.